We are qualified to fly at night, and the amazing light and laser show at every festival needs to be appreciated from the sky. Aerial shots put the whole event into perspective and adds production value to any cinematography piece.


We conduct both aerial and "ground" equipment to create an immersive film of your festival or event in 4K (or 1080HD) and with a crisp 20.35MP. With our experience and expertise, we provide the highest quality standard of piloting skills & post-production editing available.

Skypan Aerial Photography has proudly been operating for over 3 years. We are passionate about creating eye-catching and outstanding visual content for real estate, architecture, events, documentaries, construction, social media content, and custom shoots. 


All of our pilots are CASA-certified and adhere to the highest standards of safety at all times as we conduct our aerial operations. You can trust in the technical prowess of our team to deliver outstanding photography and video content for your next project.

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